Training Opportunities


Volunteer Core Training
Visit the volunteer page for details on Disaster Responder Volunteer core training requirements.

Specialized Volunteer Training
To review additional training requirements for specific Disaster Responder Volunteer roles, review each job description.

Other Training Opportunities offers many courses in person or online that are great introductions to animal disaster response. You will need to register in order to login. The following are recommended if you are looking for extra training: Animal Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Animal Shelter, Dealing with Animals in Emergencies. They offer other classes as well and you are not limited to any of these courses.

First aid and CPR are taught each semester at Johnson County Community College and this provides a very comprehensive human first aid instruction at the college level. This course certifies you in First Aid, CPR, and Automatic External Defibrillators and his highly recommended. This is a semester long course. Shorter first aid and CPR classes are also offered through Kansas City First Aid (go to their calendar of events to find the nearest training dates).

Code 3 Associates is a 501c3 organization that offers professional and certified training seminars and classes held throughout the United States. Check out their training schedule for nationwide opportunities.


If you would like to volunteer please submit an application. Once you have completed a course and are awarded a certificate, email a copy to your database administrator or, as these count towards your certification. Unless classes require re-certification, you only need to take them once.